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Martyn Anstey - Business Growth via International Market Expansion / Investment Services

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Martyn Anstey is an award-winning Global Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author.


Martyn is responsible for building and globalizing iconic global brands such as Huggies, Kleenex, Financial Times, Citroen, National Geographic, Wall Street Institute & Fox TV.


Martyn has also co-founded and/or grown companies from inception to successful exits responsible for fundraising, corporate structuring, marketing, business development and exit planning. Martyn has lived on 6 continents and travelled to more than 90 countries.


As Managing Director of Wall Street Institute, increased the company valuation and successfully sold it to leading global private equity firm.


As Head of Marketing of APAC for Fox International and National Geographic Channels, Martyn led the strategic marketing for TV and digital media platforms for consumer, cable operators and ad sales.


As Head of Channel Marketing for the Financial Times Group, Martyn brought the FT to the Asia region and was responsible for the global launch of the Financial Times' first Business-to-business brand and Europe's first paid for subscription media website;


He could recently be found cycling 10 hours a day over mountains, through rivers and across continents as a member of the 3 person expedition team to journey from the North Pole to the South Pole.


Martyn holds a First Class BSC Honors Degree.

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